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Welcome to the home of ACE Barrels Co
Precision Rifle Barrels

We at ACE Barrels Co are pursuing the highest quality in precision single point cut rifle barrels, serving everyone from competition shooters to hunters. By utilizing state of the art manufacturing processes and custom designed equipment, ACE Barrels Co is proudly one of the top precision rifle barrel manufacturers in the US.

Why you should and how to order your own ACE Barrel

All of our rifle barrel blanks are made using the same quality driven process to produce the highest precision and accuracy. Every barrel is lapped after reaming and rifling to produce a smooth internal finish followed by an inspection of the dimensions of the bore as well as a visual inspection. For more information on how we produce the highest quality rifle barrel blanks click on the following link to our About Us page.


Each barrel blank is built to our customer's specific requirements for caliber, twist rate, contour and overall length. Head on over to our Order Page and fill out the order form for your very own ACE barrel. Be sure to checkout the contour chart to ensure your desired contour will work for your application. If you don't see the contour you need or have any questions about your order please Contact Us and we will be glad to assist you with your order or any other questions you may have.

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