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Standard blank $365.00 plus shipping $10.00 per inch over 26" standard

Shipping cost starting at $25.00, download contour chart for individual pricing

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By clicking Submit you acknowledge you have read and agree to the Fine Print below.

The Fine Print

Ace Barrels (Seller) sells this product as a rifle barrel blank. Buyer must obtain further machining and final custom fitting by a qualified licensed gunsmith at Buyer's separate expense. Buyer is solely responsible for any and all custom fitting and the final manufacturing process, and Buyer assumes all future responsibility and risk for the appropriateness and use of this product at time of sale. THERE IS NO IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY - BUYER KNOWINGLY AND VOLUNTARILY WAIVES IT.

   THERE IS NO WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE - BUYER KNOWINGLY AND VOLUNTARILY WAIVES IT. THERE IS NO OTHER WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, NEITHER EXPRESSED, NOR IMPLIED. BUYER KNOWINGLY AND VOLUNTARILY DISCLAIMS ALL WARRANTIES. BUYER ACKNOWLEDGES HE/SHE HAS HAD AMPLE TIME AND OPPORTUNITY TO INSPECT EACH RIFLE BARREL BLANK, OR WAIVES INSPECTION PRIOR TO ACTUAL DELIVERY, AND ACCEPTS THE SAME "AS IS" AND WITH ALL FAULTS AND DEFECTS. This agreement is fair for all purposes, is binding and final. Buyer assumes all responsibility for the final determination as to suitability of this product for all future use(s). This sale is final with no exchanges, returns or refunds. All terms of this sale are limited to what is stated in writing here. There are no oral agreements. Buyer alone is responsible for determining whether the possession and use of this product conforms with the laws of any jurisdiction outside of the State of Washington. This sale is governed by the laws of the State of Washington. Any legal action regarding this matter shall be filed in Spokane County, Washington, with an award of attorney fees and costs to the prevailing party.

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