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Troy Pruitt

I have shot just about every barrel manufacture through the years. As a startup I tried one of Ace’s 30 caliber barrels. Still the most accurate rifle that I own. Then had to try their 6.5 barrel for a project rifle for the “wife”, same traits as the 30 caliber barrel, first and foremost superbly accurate. I have yet to find copper fouling in any of their barrels that I own, quick clean of the powder fouling and you’re back and running. 


Then 22LR barrels became available. Being a CZ fan for a very long time I knew it was going to be tough to beat the accuracy of a factory barrel, but they did. Since my first swap onto a 455 there needed to be an Ace on my 457 too. 


In short as I write this, I currently have two 30 caliber one 6.5 and three 22 barrels on my rifles. There is no reason for me to look anywhere else. 

Thank you for doing what you do, 


Troy Pruitt

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