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Greg Hamblen

I started my experience with ACE barrels a few years ago when I got a replacement barrel for my RPR. As someone with a vast knowledge, a marksman for over 20 years, and experience with a variety of brands… this brand has exceeded my expectations. A few examples of your brand’s excellence are as follows.

   The rifle shot sub-M.O.A. right out of the gate.  With a little fine tuning, I got it all the way to a quarter M.O.A. The cold bore shot is right on the money. This barrel is easy to manipulate and not to mention easy to clean.

Just a couple years ago I went to Alaska for a once in a lifetime moose hunt. My old 300 win mag needed a new barrel so ACE was my obvious choice. Again the rifle shot 3 round groups at half M.O.A. with factory ammo. I continually have great experiences with this brand, and will continue to pick the best barrels on the market with ACE barrels.


Thank you,


    -Greg Hamblen

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