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Chris Randle


I'm Chris Randle.  Dave doesn't have email so he asked me to send you photos of groups shot with your barrels on rifles built by Dave.  All groups are shot at 100 yards using a bipod and rear bag, 3 shots and measured center to center by using calipers to measure outside diameter then subtracting bullet diameter.  


The cartridge, shooter, barrel specs and group size are listed on each photo.


You make some really fine barrels.  The only ones I will use for 6.5mm and .30cal.   I've used all the big names.  You are the only manufacturer I have complete confidence in.  Every rifle I'm aware of with one of your barrels has been very accurate and not finicky.  All the other manufacturers I've tried have not been that way.   I sure hope you start making barrels in 7mm, 6mm and .223 soon. 




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