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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are my options for barrel contours?

A: We offer a variety of contours including a selection of popular sporting and competition contours. Click on the following link to check out our contours, Barrel Contours.

Q: Do you offer contouring matching?

A: Yes, however there will be a $75.00/hr charge in addition to the base cost of the barrel blank (minimum charge will be $75.00). An estimate of the overall cost can be provided after an evaluation of the contour is performed. DO NOT send your rifle to us or your barrel without contacting us first. A non-refundable 50% down payment of the base price will be required to finalize your contour match order. No lead time will be provided for contour matches and can easily be twice the normal lead time.

Q: Can I make a change to my order after I confirm it?

A: Yes, there will be a $50.00 charge to change caliber, twist rate, groove configuration, length or contour. Changes can only be made before production begins on your barrel.

Q: What is cut rifling?

A: Cut rifling is produced by making a series of small cuts in each groove one at a time. This process allows for tight control over groove dimensions and produces exceptional groove consistency in both dimensions and surface finish.

Q: What twist rate do I need?

A: Twist rate is dependent on a few factors and the primary factor is bullet weight. For optimal performance it is best to know what bullet/bullets you intend to use before ordering your barrel.

Q: Should I flute my barrel?

A: Fluting is a great option to remove weight but maintain barrel rigidity and keep the barrel large enough for 5/8" threads. We do not offer fluting in-house but can recommend companies to flute your barrel.

Q: Do you recommend any barrel break-in?

A: We do not recommend any specific cleaning/break-in for our barrels. All our blanks are finish lapped with 320 grit as our testing has shown is optimal for performance and smoothing the internals of the barrel removing any need for specific cleaning procedures.

Q: I've used bore lapping compound in the past, would you recommend any bore lapping compound?

A: We do not recommend bore lapping compound for our barrels. All our blanks are finish lapped with 320 grit as our testing shows any finer grit will lead to additional copper fouling and other complications. In addition to the change in surface finish additional lapping will change the internal dimensions. The use of lapping compound in a blank we produced will void any warranty either expressed or implied. 

Q: Do you have a return policy?

A: We do except returns and will issue refunds under certain conditions. We produce barrels that meet SAAMI specification and hold a tolerance that is well within the allowable SAAMI specification itself. Our tolerance range is established by testing of each caliber we produce against established standards evaluating precision, pressure, etc. Batch records are kept for each barrel we produce with all inspection results including dimensions. If you wish to return a barrel please contact us by phone or email for instructions. Once we review your barrel if we find your barrel does not meet the required tolerance or other specifications we will issue either a refund or a replacement barrel depending based on whichever you may prefer. 

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